“Creating a new future just doesn't happen. It needs to be powerfully sourced.”
                       - Anonymous
Influence direction. Inspire change. 
Maximize performance.

Coaching, Talent Development, Consulting
Know Others' 'Know Yourself...
Everyone has their own way to communicate, build relationships, recognize, process information, resolve issues, make decisions and solve problems….or a mental roadmap.

We offer well-known, effective assessment tools to help organizations assess the personality traits of current and potential new employees to determine if they possess the talents required for a role, a team and the organizational culture. 
We all have preferred styles and ways of doing things.  The MBTI assessment helps individuals
gain deeper insights into who they are and areas to improve.   It describes an individual preferences
across four different dimensions. The various combinations of these preferences result in sixteen
personality types associated with a unique set of behavioral characteristics.

Transformational Coaching: Coaching continues to help executive achieve personal & professional goals
Action Plan: Create Personal Development Plan based on agreed improvement areas
Coaching Conversation: Paradigm21 Coach has 'brain-friendly' conversation with executive to discuss results and next steps
Assessment: Online or 1:1 interviews with direct reports, colleagues, superiors
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
*  Establishing improved communication, relationships, adapting your style to bridge gaps
*  Understanding other team members, colleagues, management
*  Uncovering workplace style
Leadership - Management
*  Adapting to others style to build relationships, communication, influence
*  Identifying motivational triggers of team members
Sales Professionals
*  Self-awareness of personal sales style and areas to improve
*  Awareness of each client's buying trigger points
*  Adapting the sales approach to bridge gaps, build trust, develop stronger relationships
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“Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality.”
                       - Shawn Ashmore
“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”
                       - Dr. Carl Jung
MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE THINKING STYLES (MITS)                                Model
This assessment tool is a simple, quick, powerful, proven effective and easy way for LEADERS to quickly become aware of their dominant, primary leadership style. Individuals identify 'STRENGTHS' to leverage....and 'BLIND SPOTS' negatively impacting personal, team, organizational performance...then...
*  Make better decisions
*  Adapt to others style
*  Build supportive, powerful teams
*  Influence, motivate others
*  Strengthen communication
*  Enhance relationships with any culture
Leaders learn how to merge 'blind spots' into their dominate style to:
And more...
Steps to Success:
Feel free to share with friends...
Feedback is a proven, effective way to develop leaders.  Programs are tailored to assess specific competencies relative to the role and organization.
MITS symbolizes Dr. Carl Jung's behavioral model that became the basis for modern day personality assessments such as MBTI, DISC and many others.
DiSC® is a well-known 'personality profiling system' provides impartial insights into a person's natural behavioral style by measuring the attributes, preferences, aspects and personality traits.
Assessment Options
Facet5 is an easy to understand framework in simple common language that explains different behaviors, motivators and attitudes.  The tool can be applied across the entire employee cycle. From selection to exit.  It provides comprehensive insights for individuals, teams and organizations to uncover their full potential.  The 'Big 5' Model is based on extensive psychological research providing a comprehensive description of personality and behavior.
For more information on how we can help....please....Contact Us
For more information on how we can help....please....Contact Us
For more information on how we can help....please....Contact Us
Phase 1: Planning. Meet with management, HR, stakeholders to identify focus.

Phase 2: Online Survey. Participants complete confidential online survey.

Phase 3: Post-Survey. Conduct face-to-face interviews with multi-tier employees 
to enhance online survey results.

Phase 4: Solutions.  Present a summary of online and face-to-face interviews. Collaborate with management on survey results, formulate solutions and action plan.

Phase 5: Action Plan.  Paradigm21 designs proven programs to transform weaknesses into strengths.
Organizations that strive to continually strengthen their image, improve retention and
boost productivity use Employee Engagement Surveys to identify improvement areas.

Using a third party to conduct surveys reduces the risk of failure.  It increases
confidentiality and anonymity. Feedback is more honest, candid and truthful. 
Accurate data guides management in formulating effective actions.

Our simple and quick survey provide management and HR with insights into
how employees view the company from a variety of perspectives.  Surveys are
customized to focus on specific organizational dimensions.

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We offer proven effective, easy to understand EQ Assessments from well-known providers. 
Results provide a clear picture of Leadership EQ along with a customized development
plan on how to strengthen competencies.
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Harrison Assessments exceeds other talent management methods & personality assessments.  It aligns people's qualifications & passions with company specific jobs. Their unique Paradox Technology     identifies employees & applicants who are 3 times more likely to achieve business expectations & results.
Marshall Goldsmith Global Leadership 360° Assessment measures key skills &
15 competencies global leaders must possess to be successful.  Assessment includes online process,
2 x 2 hour face-to-face debrief sessions. Programs are available are both high-level & mid-level executives.