Influence direction. Inspire change. 
Maximize performance.

     Skills for
                  *  Learn simple, practical ‘Coaching Style @ Work' model

    *  Understand Signature Style @ Work & how to adapt your approach to manage team

*  Participants identify simple, effective ways to motivate, engage, influence & lead teams

*  How to improve performance, engage, inspire, empower, enable  others to transform,
                       reinvent themselves through Coaching Style @ Work conversations

*  Situational Coaching:  When to 'coach', 'mentor', 'direct or 'delegate' different types of employees

*  Performance Conversations:  that positively impact team & improve performance
Coaching @ Work is the proven foundation of leadership success.  It’s the 'people-side' of discovering new, innovative ways to inspire others to think  better, believe in their own success, accept change, sharpen their focus & reinvent themselves to achieve extraordinary results
--- the primary driver of positive personal & organizational change
Workshop is designed for leaders, managers, supervisors & anyone leading people that are seeking effective, proven techniques to better manage people, initiate change, reduce resistance, conflicts, strengthen communication skills to maximize performance
Studies clearly show that managers using a mindful coaching approach
positively impact employee thinking, deepens learning, increases motivation & engagement levels taking team members to higher success.

The masterful leadership coaching principles and skills are based on the approaches outlined in our popular leadership book,
“What Great Leaders (Should) Know”.

It helps Leaders create a collaborative, solution-focused, ‘thinking environment’ of ‘active listening’ & ‘asking powerful questions’ that improves peoples thinking, uncover individual greatness, create a new behaviors to achieve change & desired outcomes.

Foundation of this method is based on neuroscience and self-directed neuroplasticity theory to help individuals positively alter their brain activity by concentrating on constructive thoughts.
Our approach help individuals improve current & create new thinking, explore solutions, take actions, modify behavior & get results = PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION
*  Developing Presence, Rapport, Trust, Relationships
Duration:   1.5 or 2-day programs are customized to meet client specific needs

: P21 CQ Coaching Intelligence Certificate Awarded upon completion
Please contact us to discuss facilitating  an in-house program to strengthen leadership skills

Feel free to call us at 852 2892 7608 to schedule a confidential meeting to discuss how we can help --- or simply CLICK HERE to send us a quick message
Bonus: Each participant receives autographed copy of coaching book & ERA² Coaching Cards
BONUS worth $700
ERA² Cards
Coaching for Leaders

Coaching for Leaders

Coaching for Leaders

Coaching for Leaders

Coaching for Leaders

Coaching for Leaders

Ready to Transform Your Organization??
Coaching, Talent Development, Consulting
Module II: Coaching @ Work
Module I: Leading Self
*  VUCA world & impact on organizations         
Module III: Coaching Change & Leading Team Performance
CQ Coaching for Change Program Overview
Pre-Workshop: Complete Coaching Assessment;  Receive copy of “What Great Leaders (Should) Know” coaching skills for leaders book; 1:1 telephone call with each                   participant to better understand personal needs & expectations
Post-Workshop: 1:1 telephone meeting to reinforce & embed knowledge, answer questions; coach each on managing current workplace challenges, change & discuss Personal Action Plan.  Online audio coaching simulations;  Participants sent coaching models & tools to preview anytime, anywhere on phone, pad, laptop
Participants actively practice leadership skills that …..
-  Builds trust, stronger relationships

- Reduces or avoid conflicts

-  Provides quality feedback

-  Increases staff self-awareness

-  Drives organizational change shifting
   employee mindset to accept & support

- Improves conversations quality 

-  Increases learning & personal development

- Generates more innovative & creative ideas from team

-  Empowers others to take personal ownership of problems & solutions

-  Creates personal action plans to achieve expectations
Coaching @ Work is NOT about becoming a coach.....
It’s about developing a
‘Coaching Leadership Style’ @ Work
And let's face it..... people remember them & the positive difference they make
P21 facilitators are experienced trainers with years of ‘hands on’  practical multi-cultural business experience to understand participant challenges.  Languages: English, Cantonese & Mandarin Chinese
Professionals find this training helps redefine their Leadership style in positive ways:
*  What coaching is & is NOT           

*  Situational Coaching: when to coach or
    use other approaches 
*  Resilient leadership using IQ, EQ, CQ @ work
*  10 traits of Agile leaders adapting to change           

* Skill-Will model to effectively lead teams         
*  Know 'Self' & 'Others' style @ Work to adapt    
   approach, improve communication,  relationships,
and more...       
*  Active Listening - Asking Powerful, Meaningful Questions
*                                  Conversations to engage & empower team
*  USA Model to effectively manage different personalities @ work
*  Coaching different personality types @ work improving performance
*  Manage team emotions during change & performance conversations
*  FeedForward for Personal Ownership of problems, solutions, actions

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*  C.A.S.T.E.R.® to launch successful change programs
Leaders must be 'Mindful', 'Resilient' & 'Agile' to handle constant change
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